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Last night's KIFF movie for me was Body/Antibody, and it was another strange one. What begins as a sort of OCD romantic comedy becomes, with a few twists, a rather grisly--yet still darkly comic--noir piece (think Fargo). Even stranger, it actually works. I'll go ahead and call this the best of the four festival selections I've seen--they've all been good, but this one just edges out the others.

In an odd bit of stunt casting, Deborah (a.k.a. Debbie) Gibson plays a psych doc at the beginning and end of the film--no offense to Gibson, but her acting isn't up to the level of the film's principal players, virtual unknowns named Robert Gomes (I've seen him on an episode of Ed!) and Leslie Kendall (I've seen her on an episode of Clueless!). Ms. Kendall was in attendance after the screening to answer questions, and she seemed incredibly nice and gracious. But no questions came to mind for me to ask.

I may see one more KIFF movie on Thursday night, but I'm kind of leaning against it. I didn't buy a pass this year--I'm paying as I go--and I'm not sure about spending $8.50 on that one.

And then there's this:

Travelers Ask to See Craig Bathroom (AP): "'It's become a tourist attraction,' said Karen Evans, information specialist at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. 'People are taking pictures.'"

Blunt Staff Routinely Purges Emails, Saying Not Public Records (St. Louis Post-Dispatch): "Blunt's office, in addition to refusing to elaborate on the handling of e-mails, also disputes that e-mails are public record. . . . The issue comes at a time when the [Missouri] Republican Party is pursuing e-mails from other state officials. Blunt, as governor, is the titular head of the party."

Southwest 'Cover' Girl Is Still Angry (ABC): "The woman who was singled out by Southwest Airlines for wearing an outfit deemed too skimpy by a flight attendant says she's been victimized a second time by the airline's new ad campaign."
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September 18 2007, 20:56:48 UTC 11 years ago

The Southwest chick was on Dr. Phil today. He totally shut her down and told her that Southwest had apologized so she needed to get over it. And then he told her lawyer not to file a frivolous lawsuit. The lawyer didn't like that.
You probably figured this out, but that comment was from me. I was having problems logging in from my phone...
Yeah, I kinda figured.