Endless Pajama Lark (scratchtasia) wrote,
Endless Pajama Lark


The full report will have to wait, but SPX was just awesome. I had the best time. At most comic conventions, I'm interested in about 10% of what's on offer. Here, I was interested in more like 90%--a total inversion of my expectations. Of course, that means I've spent a ton of money on hardcover books, mini-comics, and everything in between. The challenge of buying less was too much for me. There were plenty of great deals (Drawn & Quarterly has a fair chunk of my next month's income), and I got a lot of my stuff signed by the artists. I met some cool people, had fun with Jared and Amy, spent a bit of time talking to mini-comics legend Matt Feazell (who I've known for over 20 years), bumped into LiveJournal friends Steve (from Seattle) and Wendy (from New York), and met Whitney Matheson, who blogs and writes for USA Today (and was super-friendly). What a charge to see so much cool work and meet so many nice, interesting people! I haven't enjoyed a convention so much in ages. There's so much more I could say--maybe after I get home.

Now that SPX is over, tomorrow will be my biggest sightseeing day in DC. Yesterday morning I went to the National Archives and saw some interesting and not-so-interesting displays of important historical documents. But that's all I really had time for.

In food news, I've had Maryland crab cakes, a burger from Five Guys Famous Burgers and Fries (a regional chain), and some tasty pizza. Good stuff.
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